Unpacking the Market's Reaction to a Positive Earnings Season

May 4, 201816 minutes

Exploring markets recent reactions to positive fundamentals

Interest Rates and the Stock Market

Apr 27, 201811 minutes

The impact of interest rates on the stock market

Understanding Trade Deficits

Apr 20, 201815 minutes

We take a deeper look at trade and its effect on markets

Big Tech Special

Apr 11, 201819 minutes

Current Socio-political environment and its effect on tech companies

Q1 2018 in the Markets - A Tale of Two Cities

Apr 6, 201821 minutes

This week David Bahnsen looks back at a volatile Q1 in markets.

Making History in Markets

Mar 27, 201825 minutes

David L. Bahnsen recaps the historical market moments of 2018

David and Kimberlee talk Fiduciary, Finance, and the Fiscal Feminist

Mar 21, 201843 minutes

Investment talk and everything in between

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